Saturday, March 1, 2014

Celebrating Writing

I like how much we emphasize celebrating writing and the writer in Dr. Dean’s class. I always wait until the writing is done and finished until I celebrate….but since writing is hardly ever really done or really finished I hardly ever celebrate...actually I never celebrate. But I want to celebrate being a writer. I want to celebrate doing writing. Usually I just end up telling everyone in closest proximity that I’m done writing. But their response, “Oh awesome” or “that’s good,” just never seems to be the full celebration I was hoping for.

Last week I had a real writing celebration moment. I’ve been working on an essay since August and finally, February 16, 2014 I had a whole complete draft of that essay. Whew. It was a lot of months of thinking about those ideas. I felt like I could eat cake and dance and sing and laugh all at the same time. It didn’t matter that there was more revising to come. For that moment, I was done and I was celebrating the writing I had done. I was celebrating that I was a writer and I had something to show for it.

So I decided that I want to enjoy writing more and that means celebrating more often. I like celebrating with food but I also like celebrating with running, with dancing, with sharing it with someone else.  It’s exciting that writing moves outside of its written form to create a community who all share in that writing. That’s worth celebrating to me.

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