Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Why I leaving the cooking up to other people......

Let's just say I like eating food....when other people make it. When I'm in the middle of doing all that stirring, cutting, onion-crying, pre-heating, I'm always asking myself..why? Why I am cooking? This is taking so long....but I have this weird thing where I like looking at cookbooks and watching cooking shows and now with Pinterest I like collecting pretty looking recipes. But for some reason, those pictures always make it look so easy and so lovely to spend an afternoon making something delicious-looking.

This week I decided I was going to try making this:

Four easy steps to this lovely bread-broccoli thing. Uh-huh. Well since I didn't have croissant roles and just some scone bread this is what mine came out of the oven looking like:

Let's just say I had to do some explaining to my roommates...since they wanted to know what in the world that was....I wasn't sure how exactly what to tell them! A non-braided bread thing? The real  question was....how do I store this thing?

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  1. Hey! It's not burned - that means you didn't forget about it. You're totally making progress (: