Saturday, February 22, 2014

French Language Certificate

I found out this week that I’m going to have to the tests for the French Language Certificate by April if I want it to show up on my transcript….well, this is assuming I want those scores to show up on my transcript….but for some reason I just can’t bear the thought of doing all the coursework for the certificate and then not finishing it because I’m too scared to take the tests.

So I’ve pulled out my old French vocabulary notebooks and my old textbooks to study in little odd moments in my day. I’m remembering how much I really do love this language, it has this magic to it that I’ve forgotten. I had to go to Paris to find that beauty but I’ve realized that I’ve missed it. It's been fun bring these words back into my life again. So I’ll be reviewing word-by-word, conjugation-by-conjugation for the next month in a half....let's hope April doesn't come too fast!

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