Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mont-St.- Michel

Today I liked the moment when I waited by a pillar at Mont-St.-Michel for Lauren to catch up and found myself surrounded by a field trip of 12 year old students with their teacher giving a mini lesson next to me at the pillar. « Ici c’est la salle d’esprit ». She told us. This room was for the nourishment of the mind « et dessous est pour le nourrir du ventre et à dessus est pour le nourrir d'âme » and below was for the nourishment of the stomach and above the nourishment of the soul. Yes, I love symbolism even in old Monastic ruins in Northern France.

Mont-St.- Michel
(No I didn't get this off a calendar website. This is a real place! So gorgeous and maybe a little creepy)

The Children (on a field trip)

Ice Cream Break

The little stores surrounding the monastery at the bottom of the hill


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