Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mont-St.- Michel

Today I liked the moment when I waited by a pillar at Mont-St.-Michel for Lauren to catch up and found myself surrounded by a field trip of 12 year old students with their teacher giving a mini lesson next to me at the pillar. « Ici c’est la salle d’esprit ». She told us. This room was for the nourishment of the mind « et dessous est pour le nourrir du ventre et à dessus est pour le nourrir d'âme » and below was for the nourishment of the stomach and above the nourishment of the soul. Yes, I love symbolism even in old Monastic ruins in Northern France.

Mont-St.- Michel
(No I didn't get this off a calendar website. This is a real place! So gorgeous and maybe a little creepy)

The Children (on a field trip)

Ice Cream Break

The little stores surrounding the monastery at the bottom of the hill



Arromanche Beach (D Day Commemoration)
 D Day= J Jour in French

The Old Ships American soldiers stacked up to make a bridge

The Carousel Ride haha

 And the American Cemetery 
Lauren and I had an argument about whether the statue on the far left (you can't really see in this picture) was supposed to be God or Zeus. With that lovely classical dancing figure in the center of this memorial (with a Biblical scripture for it's foundation) clearly made him Zeus.

Apparently this cemetery is American territory in France. Weird ?

Jewish soldiers!!

Bienvenue à Paris!

In the airport Lauren and I learned a new word: Décalage Horaire. Jet Lag.

If you're wondering about my first day in Paris here's a peak....
 Décalage Horaire + La Tour Eiffel + trying to speak to the taxi driver in French (he asked me if I had learned all my French in France. Since I had been there under an hour I didn't take that as a compliment. Clearly I needed to learn a little more French) +  after the fourth slice of baguette with cheese for dinner I stopped counting + not realizing the hand soap in the big container next to the sink in the hotel was hand soap since it said it was for corps et cheveux (body and hair).  I'm not a fan of 2 in 1 shampoo and never thought a 3 in 1 would actually exist or turn out to be hand soap. I'm blaming décalage horaire.

Lauren's Reaction to the La Tour Eiffel