Monday, August 6, 2012

Ramadan Jerusalem

I came back from Galilee and Jerusalem was a new city.
Ramadan started the Friday we were in Galilee and we came back Thursday and tried to go out in the city Friday afternoon and this is what we found! The picture below is a normal day at Damascus Gate. (I took this picture a couple days before we left for Galilee because I wanted some pictures of the places I go a lot in the city) Crazy!
Fridays are especially crazy because the Muslims go to al-Aqsa Mosque to pray. The rumor I heard was that 1.2 million Muslims were praying at al-Aqsa the day we were trying to fight the crowds. I believe it. I took these pictures around 5 pm--hours after the noon day prayers.
I love being in the crowds. I think China did that to me :) It's the perfect proximity for people watching without being super creepy. The old women in these crowds are feisty though! They don't seem to have a problem using an arm rest or a balancing pole.
It's exciting to be in Jerusalem during such an important time for Islam. I'm sure there are people who dream their whole lives to be in Jerusalem during Ramadan. This is a little Ramadan treat they are selling everywhere on the streets. It's taste like a pancake and pretzel at the same time with sugar on it.
My favorite new phrase everyone at the JC says now whenever something exciting happens: It's a Ramadan Miracle! (Instead of Christmas Miracle haha)

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