Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Galilee: Nazareth

I've been in Galilee this last week so I thought I'd get some pictures up before I got home and the load of pictures got overwhelming.
Nazareth was stone streets, narrow alleys, and bright sunshine. I was surprised how quiet it was. The churches were busy though, and smaller than I expected. Sometimes I'm happy to find that the spots commemorating Jesus and his life are a lot more humble than I expected for a place that thousands of visitors come to see.
This is the Church of St. Joseph.

Did you know that it isn't exactly certain that Joseph was a carpenter? The word was translated "carpenter" in the Bible but could also refer to a stone carver or a metal worker.......

The Church of the Annunciation

I loved this painting on the wall of Mary and Jesus. I loved the silk and the lotus flowers.

There was someone playing the organ when we got there and it inspired me to practice more.....maybe. Especially when Ave Maria was played, which was beautiful.

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