Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The Church of Nativity. This church commemorates the spot where Jesus was born in Bethlehem. It can get pretty crowded especially with a group of 80 students mixing in with the other christian tour groups.

Lots of icons. This is on a floor above the grotto where the manger was supposed to be.

The place where the manger was supposed to rest. Sorry it's blurry, there was a long line and we were trying to be fast with the pictures.

There are many Shepherd's Fields in Bethlehem. Here is the Franciscan version which was my favorite. The little church was beautiful and had incredible acoustics. Our group has a lot of singing talent so it was fun to sing Christmas songs there.

This was more my idea of what a shepherd's field should look like:

We sang almost all the Christmas songs in the hymn book together with our entire group. It was a little strange to sing Silent Night  and Oh Little Town of Bethlehem in the middle of July in field of grass and sage brush. But I love Christmas songs and I don't really understand why we only sing them in December. 

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