Saturday, June 9, 2012

Turkey: Troy

Even though I wasn’t a fan of The Odyssey when I read it in twelfth grade English class, it was still pretty exiting to go to Troy. Since most of it is ruins, the best part was the Trojan horse-- which looked like a giant toy tree house horse.
Here's a wall....and some more ruins.....and some more rocks......
Here's a cool mud brick wall :) jk It is kind of amazing how strong these walls were though. They look wimpy but they've lasted hundreds of years and they were hand mixed with mud and straw. 
And my other favorite part of Turkey...squatters!! I was so excited to see these guys again. I've really missed them. It was funny to see all the girls freak out when they saw squatters. But I guess last summer I would have been the same way.

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