Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tel Aviv

Old Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv Israel

Luckily, I bought a very literary savvy guidebook about Israel. It gave me quite a poetic introduction to Tel Aviv which my fellow Tel Aviv travelers mocked when I kindly read it out loud to them on the bus ride there.  It begins, “ Tel Aviv encapsulates the essence of modern Israel. If Jerusalem represents past yearning down the centuries by Jews longing to return to their biblical roots, and the promise of the future redemption when the Messiah comes, then Tel Aviv is emphatically about the present. Tel Aviv is about the pursuit of material gain and pleasure…..Tel Aviv is hedonistic while Jerusalem is holy. Tel Aviv is sexy while Jerusalem is sacred.”
I’d say it’s a pretty good summary.

The day at Tel Aviv on Old Jaffo Port was good for my soul. I didn't go to Tel Aviv the first time one of the groups went, but a few of the girls who went the first time said riding bikes up the beach was good for their souls. So once we got into Tel Aviv the first place we went was "Wheel Bee" Bike shop.

We spent a good couple hours riding up and down the beach....saw a few men in speedos who maybe should consider never wearing a speedo again....and  a man doing yoga poses while he waited to cross the street. They had street light for bike crossing, with a tiny bike green light and red light which was cute and which we usually ignored. We also got caught in little shops like this as we rode along.

The beach was glorious. I'm not really a beach bum as many of you know--the extent of my swimming abilities is usually the kiddy pool at the American Fork Rec center. But the Mediterranean Sea was bath water temperature so you should be impressed that I stayed in the water for close to an hour and a half! Most of my sunscreen floated away in that time and now I look like a tomato. All well. Who doesn't love an extra 850 freckles and a peeling dandruff scalp?

It was hot enough that the only thing sounding edible was ice cream....the ice cream shop we found had snickers ice cream and mars bar ice cream and eating them stacked on top of each other was one of the better decisions of the day.
P.S. I also didn't notice that Andy was creeping in the back of my photos until I got home and uploaded them to my computer. This is a common game that comes with all BYU study abroads, I think :)

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