Saturday, June 23, 2012

Some Familiar Ladies in the Holy Land

These ladies showed up at the church the other day, and I was excited to see some familiar American Fork faces in Israel! Sometimes you forget that life keeps going on the other side of the world. They were doing a speed tour through Israel and by the time I saw them they had already been to Galilee and Nazareth and everything up north and making their way down the country. It's hard to tell from maps sometimes how SMALL Israel is. The entire country is smaller than Utah. We drove 4 hours to Eilat a couple weeks ago which is on the very bottom tip of the country. 

For one of my last personal progress projects during my senior year, Jacque helped me make humanitarian quilts and we spent the time talking about Israel as we pinned edges. I would never had imagined that a few years down the road we would be in Israel together at the same time! Life is so unexpected sometimes.
They were so sweet and brought me these lovely treats:

M&M's are not found in Israel so they brought me a little piece of America which they "smuggled" in with a deceiving envelope that was supposed to keep everyone off track of the true contents of the bag. It didn't work for long. After I started sharing chocolate with a few select friends word began to spread. Let's just say I threw away the empty bag by the next morning. They were greatly enjoyed by many. 

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