Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Garden Tomb

The Garden Tomb is also a popular destination spot on the Sabbath. It’s crazy how green and lush the Garden Tomb gardens are. Jerusalem is just as dry and deserty as Utah (minus the sage brush)  but this is a little piece of paradise in this city of stone and dirt. It’s kind of weird how the tomb looks the same as the picture in the back of our scriptures—the one they use for primary lessons on Easter. It’s kind of weird being somewhere you’ve never been before and feeling like you’ve been there many times already.  I’ve had that experience a lot during this adventure.

We came as a class the first time I was here and took a little tour from the Evangelical volunteers who run the garden. Our tour guide was hilarious. He was a short little British man (on the right side of the tomb in the picture above) who loves Mormons. I think it’s because we love Jesus and he really loves Jesus . He wanted us to say “Hallelujah” after everything he said and he wanted us to say it louder and louder the more excited he got during the tour.
This is inside the tomb where Jesus would have been laid if this is the right burial place. Even our tour guides didn’t try to claim that this is for sure the right place. It could be here or it could be where the Orthodox Christians believe it was in the Church of the Holy Seplucher.
This might be Golgotha “the place of a skull” where Christ was crucified. It’s interesting how the rock makes has a skull-like formation with the cave holes, but since no one is sure if this is the site of the crucifixion than it could be just a coincidence.
This is the best picture I have where you can see the skull, so just ignore how dark my face is and look over my head and you can see the two holes side by side that look like eye sockets. I need to get a better picture next time I go back.

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