Saturday, June 2, 2012

Turkey: Ephesus

I thought Assos was my favorite “Pauline” location but then I got to Ephesus and was blown away. They’ve done a lot of reconstructions here which I really liked because I could imagine it as an ancient city much better than some of the other locations that were basically a big pile of rocks. There were actual streets and half constructed buildings which was awesome.

The toilets. Apparently the ditch in the front had water in which to clean yourself with, which was one of the more sanitary practices of the times…better than using the hand you didn’t eat with…. haha

The most impressive building was the interior wall of the Library of Celsus. Some parts are original and some parts are reconstructed, but it is still really amazing to see.

I remember in my New Testament class reading the story of the people of Ephesus yelling “ Great is Diana of the Ephesians” (Acts 19) at Paul’s companions for two straight hours in the Great Theater. That seemed like a really long time. After seeing how big the theater is, I realized how intimidating that would have been to have to face thousands of people screaming at you in rejection of your message.

The theater is behind Stephanie and me. It is huge! 
(P.S. Do you recognize this picture from the church site pictures in your scriptures?!)

There was a film crew in the theater when we got there with actors dressed up in Roman clothing, which was awesome.

The temple of Artemis (Diana) which was in Ephesus was huge, grand temple and was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. What’s crazy is that the only thing left is one reconstructed pillar. (The pillar is in the middle of the picture, in the middle of the grassy area).
 The temple of Artemis attracted lots of tourists in its heyday and one of the stories in Acts about Ephesus  which made me laugh was the man who got mad at Paul for bringing the message of Christianity because it hurt his souvenir business which sold statues of Diana. It’s just funny how the world doesn’t change that much even after 1,500 years.

Here’s one image of Diana from Ephesus. 

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