Saturday, June 2, 2012

Turkey: Assos

Did anyone ever tell you that you could find Paradise in Turkey? It is one of the most gorgeous places I have ever been to. It has beautiful oceans and mountains and big cities and small cities. No wonder Paul wanted to walk everywhere he went…… I took this picture from our hotel’s pier.

Jerika decided  to pick up a local living jelly fish while we were hanging out at the pier after dinner. She is still living…..luckily….

One of my favorite spots in Turkey was Assos. Paul came here at the end of his third mission. Instead of taking a ship from Troas like his companions, walked the 30 miles from Troas to Assos, probably so he could do missionary work along the way.
There was huge Temple for Athena here at one point. This is a model of what it would have looked like in all its glory.

But unfortunately like most places of the ancient world, only ruins are left. I think it’s still pretty impressive though.

I was so excited to go anywhere Paul walked. I love Paul. I love that he shared his testimony with everyone—dignitaries and humble people—along his road. I loved Assos because its old streets made it easy to imagine Paul walking there. It was quiet and calm, no one was any real hurry.

 The amphitheater was pretty impressive too.

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