Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Sorry it's taken me so long to get a post up! I have been incredibly busy and I'm trying to adjust to the new schedule of homework and city-seeing. Here's a little glimpse of the homework load:
Let's just say I read the entire book of Genesis in one week! But I'm learning a lot about things I know absolutely nothing about. It's kind of amazing that in my Old Testament class my teacher can say things like, "Tomorrow when we visit Beersheba where Abraham built a well...." or "Look out the window at Mt. Moriah, the place Abraham went to sacrifice Isaac." I love Israel! (P.S. my OT teacher has a blog where he posts group photos of our group when we go on field trip so if you want to look at it go here.)


  1. Hooray! I've been waiting for you to catch up on blogging! So excited to relive Jeru with you lol

  2. Thanks for reading my blog Elyse!I love Jerusalem!It's exciting that my blog is starting to look like your blog :)