Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Living with Meaning

The itching question behind this project is about passivity. What is passivity? How does it creep into the lives of women? How do they overcome passivity’s knotted grip to make a life of meaningful work? What makes life full in a way that happiness is a breathing, everyday part of life?
This project isn’t about creating a stiff definition of passivity but about listening to the voices of five women who are living in different seasons of life but are still facing the question of passivity. This project is about their observations, experiences, stories, and choices based on how this question has challenged or strengthened their lives. It is about success in living actively, and it is about failure in defeating passivity. It is about the balance of what it means to find happiness and meaning through choices.
Adrienne Rich said, “The difference between a life lived actively and a life of passive drifting and dispersal of energy is immense difference. Once we begin to feel committed to our lives, responsible to ourselves, we can never again be satisfied with the old, passive way.”

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