Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Living With Meaning: Courtney Hull

Background:Courtney Hull is graduating this year from high school and also an MATC dental assisting program. She loves sports and has played on a soccer team for the last four years and on a track team for the last two years. However, while she loves to read, she doesn’t love Twilight and found herself throwing up halfway through. She hopes to study elementary education at BYU or at USU if she becomes a USU Ambassador. But BYU is where she really wants to go, of course.

The Most Important Work
I think the most important for me is being able to raise my children effectively in a way that they will know who they are and know what they believe and give them everything they need so that when they go off to college they won’t fall apart, because you see that a lot. It’s important that they know for themselves their standards and how to stick to them. I think being a good mother is my work. I want to go into elementary education and the biggest reason I want to do that is because I feel that one of my weaknesses is patience, especially with little children, and I want to learn how to teach children just basic things and also how to react with them when they don’t react well with me—when there’s friction between us. And love them. Being a school teacher I can prepare myself to be a better mother.

The Influence of Work in People’s Lives
I’ve seen the service my mom does. She is always taking meals to people; she’s really good about writing thank you notes to someone in the ward if they did a good job playing a song. She’ll call people up if she felt like they gave a talk in church and it really affected her—she’ll let them know. And I’ve thought that’s a good idea because it’s nice to know that you’ve helped someone or they answered a question for you. So in young women lessons now, if someone says something, I’ll tell them afterwards that I really needed that and I appreciate it because I know how people have done that to me and how my mom has done it. It makes you feel good, like you’ve helped someone out.

Living Without Regret
For me, I want to do things before I get married but I don’t that want that to stand in the way of getting married. My aunt, who I traveled through Europe with said, “Do things before you get married: learn about the world, learn about yourself, spend your time learning and don’t be sitting at home not getting anything done.” So that’s what I’m planning on doing, learning a lot before I get married. I’m not going to wait around for someone that I could get married to because I’m not ready for that yet, I don’t feel like. There’s so much I want to learn before I can teach my children and also teach others around me. Knowing who you are is important. I think that while you’re learning, you learn about yourself too and what you believe. I know so many people, it feels like, who aren’t doing anything. There are girls who graduated last year and are living at home and going to school and they’re not meeting anyone new and they’re just staying in their same old rut. And I think, get out! Get out of here, go do something else. You need to learn how to live on your own. They stay in the past almost. Being stuck in that rut is living passively, I think. They get stuck maybe because they are scared of the unknown—what college will be like. They like their home life well enough that they don’t want anything else. If it was me, I’d be out of there! There’s a lot of people who don’t apply for college because the application is too long. I just judge them, that’s all. Just kidding! My advice about living without regret is you have to enjoy the journey the whole way in order for you to enjoy life. Look forward. You can still have fun now so live in the present but look forward to the future too.

Defining a Life of Passivity
Like with the kids I was talking about earlier who stay at home, they are still doing things, but it’s the same old thing. School and work is what they do. It doesn’t have to be like that! I also think passively living is when you learn things and you don’t implement them. For example, in education if your teachers are teaching you things and you don’t think about them and implement ideas or something into your life then you are just receiving information and that’s it. You’re not putting it to use. Forming opinions is good because you define what things mean to you. I don’t think you have to have action for everything that you have learned. But to be able to receive information and think about it is part of not being passive. I read the book, Amazing Grace in my English class and it’s opened my eyes to problems I hadn’t thought about before. You can’t go solve all the big problems of the world. You can’t fix every problem. But thinking of ways you could help with the problem or finding small ways to help can do some good. I’ve thought about the things the kids don’t have in this book, their poverty level in the slums of New York. One way I have implemented the book in my life is thinking about the issues it brings up. You can find everything you want to to complain about, but after you read something like that you think: I am so blessed to have this, and that, and that over there. You think about all the things that you do have and being grateful for that. I think that’s kind of my action, more than just thought.

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