Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Dome of the Rock

I have been so excited about going to see the Dome of the Rock. I look at it every day because we have an awesome view of it from the Jerusalem Center.  But the line gets really long and they close at weird times but finally we had a free day and so we ran to get in line right after breakfast.
Here’s us at the beginning of the line ready to go.
We waited for about an hour and half in the midst of people from all over the world. The group in front of us was speaking Italian and the people behind us were reading French guidebooks. But I love to people watch. There was a group of cute little Jewish class going on a field trip.
Jewish men ready to punch me when I took their picture….just kidding....don't worry I wasn't in danger Mom. Even though they totally saw me take their picture I think this guy just raised his arm up when I took the picture….or that’s what I’m hoping.
I see the Dome of the Rock outside of my window everyday but it was breathtakingly beautiful when I was finally able to stand right next to it. The roof glitters and there are all kinds of people around.  The colors in the mosaics are bright turquoises which are really stunning.

We gave this woman a couple shekels so we could take a picture of her and her son. It doesn't matter what country you go to, the kids are so cute. I love the the cute little Hasidic Jewish boys with their wispy side curls. And I love the deep dark eyes of the Arab kids who are all as cute as this little boy.
I could look at the Dome of the Rock all day. They had to usher us out because they were closing, but they probably do that on purpose or else people like us would never leave :)

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