Sunday, February 26, 2012

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles….And Ferries, Metros, Buses, Cable Cars, Escalators

Getting to Hong Kong was an adventure itself. Somehow we all were able to pack everything we owned in China into two suitcases and a backpack. As a result, my bags were so full they looked like they were about to explode.

We decided to take a bus to Shanghai because it would have been a mess getting all our bags to the train station and onto the train. So after a three hour bus ride, we hauled all our bags onto the train that would take us to Shenzhen. The Chinese people who were already on the train laughed at us as we hauled bag after bag onto the train. 10 suitcases and five back packs later, we had finally shoved the last of the suitcases between the beds.

The train ride was 19 hours so we arrived in Shenzhen Monday morning. We had to go through customs in Shenzhen before we were allowed to enter Hong Kong and going through all those crowds of people with all of our luggage was not fun. We hauled our luggage for six straight hours and we were exhausted by the time we finally got into Hong Kong.

It was crazy to me how much Hong Kong felt like Europe. We stepped out onto the street and I felt like I was back in London. There were big marble buildings and street pubs. I was especially excited at the metro station when I saw this sign:
They even drive on the “wrong” side of the street:
The first place we went in Hong Kong was to The Escalator. This is the longest outdoor escalator in the world. In the mornings it runs on direction and then it stops and goes the other direction the rest of the day. Apparently many people use it every day as a form of transportation. We rode the whole thing just for fun. Here’s us at the entrance:
While we were riding the escalator:
And sadly, the end of our journey:
We also went up to Victoria’s Peak by an old tram. It is amazing view of the Hong Kong Island.