Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chinese Signs

One of my favorite parts of China has been the amusing signs we find where ever we go. Here's a little gallery:

Changzhou Walmart Shopping Area (this was one of our first encounters with Chinese signs)

Nanjing Zoo

All of us being........ civilized

Ti’ananmen Square, Beijing. In a tunnel under the street heading toward the Forbidden City.

Changzhou Amusement Park

Changzhou Dinosaur Amusement Park

Changzhou City Park

While hiking Huang Shan ( Yellow Mountain)

Tourist Gift Shop on the way home from Huang Shan

I think we should start giving out free sugar in America too :)

A spa in Suzhou. We decided this probably wasn't the right spa for us. Usually I prefer humans giving me a massage.

No knitting on the bus?

Changzhou's Tianning Temple

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