Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Beijing Part III: Xian Shan and the Ming Tombs

I guess I had to go to Beijing to find Fall. It was beautiful at Xian Shan—which was a park slash mountain. Dayna’s foot was hurting her so we skipped the mountain hike and wandered around taking pictures and smelling the leaves. It felt like being in the canyon back home.

We also found an old Buddist Temple with cool archways, that many Chinese tourists wanted to take pictures with us under.

Ming Tombs

Getting to the Ming Tombs was an adventure by itself. After getting to the subway station where we were supposed to catch a bus to the Ming tombs, the customer service desk told us two completely different instructions for getting there. So we decided to look for one of the buses we had written down from an internet site. Finally a Chinese couple pointed us to the right bus, it took a couple tries to get to the right bus stop. Then after we had been traveling on the bus for 30 or more minutes the girl who was taking money for the bus fare slipped us a note that said that the bus had changed routes and that we needed to get off the bus at the next stop and get on another one. It was very strange, but we did what she said. And after another 20 minute ride on the bus we got to the Ming Tombs—about 2 ½ hours later. Dayna was a little tired.....

Or maybe we were all a little tired ?

We are at a famous ancient Chinese site and it’s the chairs and tables that we find fascinating……

We also found this sign quite amusing:

The Ming Tombs are the burial site of one Emperor and Empress of the Ming Dynasty. For some reason they leave piles of money to pay their respects. Dayna tried to logically explain to me that the dead Emperors and Empresses actually don’t need this money and that she could put it good use. I was a good roommate and restrained her slipping under the little bar..... But she did have a good point.

Her argument became even stronger when we saw a ten dollar bill and she made the point that the dead emperor definitely didn't need American money in China, but we could buy a Cafe Rio salad with that ten dollar bill or a lot of chocolate. But don't worry sadly that ten dollar bill is still resting on the emperor's grave.

They left money for the royalty’s thrones too:

These are the replicas of the tombs. The actual tombs are rotted.

As always, beautiful Chinese children everywhere

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