Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

It was kind of strange today--Thanksgiving Day-- to be in a cafeteria eating rice with Chinese teachers instead of cutting celery for crab salad or sitting at the kitchen counter smelling bubbling pecan filling and watching pie crusts so they don’t burn in the oven. Even though the food wasn’t too bad today, chow mein for dinner, for some reason it just didn’t feel like Thanksgiving.

But, I actually already had Thanksgiving last weekend! When I went to Nanjing a couple weeks ago, the Nanjing branch announced that they were having a Thanksgiving Dinner. Which sounded glorious. We technically aren’t in the Nanjing Branch but I got the email address of the Relief Society and so you better bet that I emailed her and we invited ourselves to the party. They were happy to have us—they even said that they had all the food covered so we didn’t have to bring anything. (We weren’t sure what we would have brought because Changzhou supermarkets don’t have a lot of “Thanksgiving” ingredients)

The main question that we debated all week was if they would have real turkey there. You can imagine our happiness when we saw a whole row of (the above pictured) turkey! There were a few other delightful surprises:

And you know that because this was hosted by Mormons there had to be green jello.

My favorite part of the green jello was the BYU spoon sticking out of it. Sometimes home feels really close even in China when I see things like this.

And of course BYU Brownies….

Where people found ingredients for these in China, I have no idea. Miracles happen that’s for sure. They didn’t taste quite like they do at home but they were pretty close. I was impressed.

Everything was so yummy. Especially the turkey. Even if the head was still attached when they brought them in. Yes, I am still in China.

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