Monday, November 7, 2011


According to Lorilei’s China guidebook, Hangzhou is supposed to be China’s Paradise. It has this big beautiful lake called West Lake.

We explored the outskirts of this lake one afternoon on three-person bikes. Let’s just say they are harder than they look and with the number of Chinese people snapping pictures of us as we went by (or actually were swerving frantically by) you would have thought the site of three American girls on one of those things had never been seen before.

It was really fun though after we got the hang of it. Hangzhou is known for the Buddha Statues that are carved into the mountain nearby. Sometimes to really understand the statues, you have to be the statues.

This is the most famous Buddha carving

We took a boat tour around the lake one afternoon. I don’t know if it was lack of sleep or too much 2.5 yuan ice cream at Burger King, but Dayna and Rachelle started getting a little silly. This is the result.

This was on our boat tour around the lake.

They have lots of bridges too that usually have a crowd of people on them. We kind of cleared the people off with the jumping....

P.S.Did I mention the French Bakery we found?


  1. Hey, ash, nice shirt! I got that one a long time ago, and I guess I thought I had thrown it away. . . Guess not. Glad it's being put to good use? :)

  2. dear ashley. i miss you so much. and i am so glad you are having such fun adventures in china. please come back here now, because life is dreadful without you.