Thursday, October 27, 2011


The second destination on our ten day vacation was Suzhou. This is one of my favorite places in China. It has a more old, historic feel than Changzhou.

Suzhou is known for its silk and I made everyone go to the silk museum that was there. I wanted to see the real silk worms, even if they were a little creepy.

I think it might have been the awesome food we found that made me love Suzhou so much. When you eat cafeteria food everyday there is nothing better than a street of food vendors. This is a weird fruit we found.

(PS-- remember how I had three link taken off this watch before I left and now it slides down my arm again...)

And the most glorious restaurant that provided forks with their pasta! When I tasted these beautiful noodles, I realized Italy might need to be my next study abroad trip.

I love street performers. I love when they play in dim subway stations, on street corners, outside museusms, in the middle of parks. I could stand there for hours listening. I think I’m just fascinated with people who love their instrument and their own talent enough to stand on a corner and play for anyone passing by. We found these two guys singing on the corner of Bei Ta Road.

They gathered quite a crowd. I never knew I loved Chinese music until I came here. Some of it is screechy but most of it really soothing, elevator type music. I feel like I’m heading to the beach or yoga class when I listen to it.

Lorilei carried her guitar on the plane all the way here. She loves playing and performing so she ended up borrowing their guitar and playing in front of that big crowd. Everyone loved it. It’s funny because doing something like that would never go over well at home. They love Americans here, or maybe just foreigners in general. I don’t even think about it anymore when we walk down the street and passing cars slow down, roll down car their windows and yell “Hello. Hello. Hello.” They always laugh when we say hello back. Dayna always waves at people when they’re staring at us. It’s so funny to watch them light up when they realize we’ve noticed them staring at us and we’re waving at them. Sometimes we wave at people in buses in the lanes next to us when we’re on the bus—they look out the windows so dully but they always laugh when they see us waving at them.

We found a shop where they have all these beautiful hand-painted fans. You better believe I bought one! Dayna bought one that spreads across a wall and is probably close to 3 feet tall. Here is the man sitting next to the window painting.

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