Monday, October 17, 2011

Huang Shan Part Two

We took a cable car up the mountain and then hiked for 8 kilometers (about 4 ish miles) to the hotel on the top of the mountain. What we didn’t know was how long the line would be to the cable car.

I forgot to take a picture of the first sign we passed which was the three hour wait sign. Chinese people don’t stand calmly in line either. It was three hours of a constant push to the cable cars. We were pressed body to body fighting to stay together in our group. But when you have nothing to do for that long you have entertain yourselves somehow. Lorilei pulled out her ipod and we sang and danced along to all her music. In America everyone would want to kill you if you did that. In China everyone loves it. People were bobbing their heads and singing along. We found some friends with these Korean women. They started requesting songs, such as Mama Mia.

Dayna shared three sour patch kids with them and they pulled out snicker bars and oranges for us. It was so nice.

I have this awesome video of this "performance" and I waited for an hour for it to upload to the blog and when it was 92% of the way done it said there was an error and didn't work. I am so angry! So a picture is all I can do. Please request a viewing of this video when I get home okay?

The cable cars were fun too.

It was really misty at the top of the mountain and there was a lot of people.

We saw the famous Welcoming Willow .

We had 8 kilometers to go and we started hiking at about 4pm. It’s dark here by 5:30 so we hiked most of the hike in the dark and in the mist. It took over three hours to get to the hotel. The path was paved but it was steps all the way up. I loved it though. It feels like forever since I’ve been hiking and it felt like being back home in the mountains again. It was a little unnerving being in all the mist and not being able to see the top of the mountain when you looked up or see too far beyond the edge of the path. It was a real back packing adventure. I literally carried everything I brought with me on the trip on my back up the mountain. Most of the other people hated the hike. There was a lot of complaining the entire way up the mountain. But I liked it-- I’m really glad I had a chance to hike the mountain and not just see it from the cable car.

The next day though we hiked down and it was much better. It was all down hill and it was warm and sunny and beautiful. These pictures of me aren’t as beautiful.

Someone told us that all food and everything on the top of the mountain has to be carried up by men. We passed so many of these men carrying crazy heavy loads. It was pretty amazing to watch. They look so skinny but these men are incredibly strong.

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