Sunday, October 16, 2011

Huang Shan Part One

We had a ten day vacation the first of October. That’s the week of the China National Holiday so that meant the entire country was out traveling. Our first stop was Huang Shan. Huang means “Yellow” and Shan means “Mountain.” Because getting trains tickets was ridiculously hard to get this week we decided to go on a bus tour to Huang Shan with a Chinese tour group. It ended up being kind of hilarious.

The tour was in Chinese but our tour guide did speak English. However, he would give these forever long speeches in Chinese over the microphone but then never translate them into English afterward. We never knew what was really going on, we’d just follow whatever our fellow Chinese tour bus members were doing when we got off the bus. I had a secret crush on our tour guide but then I realized he was kind of orney. I think it was his nice jeans that got me. He wore them the entire three days. I stopped liking him when he got out these lovely things and told us we had to wear them during the tour.

If we ever asked him a question he would say, “Okay, okay, okay, okay” really fast like I do when my kids are pulling on me and I’m in the middle of something else. I don’t think he liked being in charge of a group of 14 American college kids.

The blue visors were really annonying to wear but it was kind of nice following the crowd of blue visors around when you don’t speak a lick of Chinese.

Before we went to Huang Shan we stopped in this old Chinese village. It was beautiful.

There were painters everywhere which was fun to watch.

Here’s a taste though of what Chinese crowds were like during the week.

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