Sunday, September 25, 2011

Market Life

There is a street market that goes up every night right down the street from the school. Now that we know how cheap the street market food is and how good it is after cafeteria food for every meal, we have become regular customers. I’m sure the venders recognize us by now—we’re the only white people around. It’s always smoky from so many people cooking so I think that’s why these pictures look really hazy. I love walking around and looking at everything. The Chinese venders laugh at me because I’m so interested in the everyday things they’re used to. I took a picture once and some of the men crowded around my camera to see what I had taken a picture of.

People say hello to us as we walk around, and the way they say it makes me laugh. I think it’s the only word in English they know. They say it so funny, like they you’ve already met before and they’re just saying hello again. I always take forever deciding what I want to buy and sometimes the venders (mostly in Shanghai) get impatient and try to get your attention so they say, “Hello. Hello. Hello.” It’s like they’ve lost connection on the phone. It’s so funny.

This is octopus on a stick. I think.

And chicken feet

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  1. I really enjoy that they just have the sticks nonchalantly in the fish's eye? Yeah, that's disgusting. Even more disgusting than the chicken feet!! :) I'm glad you're having the amazing experiences!!