Monday, September 5, 2011

Teacha Ashley

Thursday was the first day of school. All of us were a little jittery. We walked around staring at the children wondering if they would turn into demon-children when they were no longer under the gaze of their Chinese teachers. The first hour and half I met those demon children. I had eight to ten kids in each class and somehow I was supposed to keep them from getting out of their chair, hitting each other, or speaking Chinese while I walked around gluing items on every kid’s paper and getting them to speak English. They make it look a lot less chaotic on the videos! I was worn out after an hour and a half and I still had another two hours to go. We had to go pick up the second batch and these were younger kids. They were so cute though. They had these matching plaid skirts and red handkerchiefs. One little boy had these tiny sun glasses on. I took my little group and the little girl at the front of the line said, “Teacha, what is your name?” I told her my name is Teacher Ashley. (They don’t call us Miss or Mr. here, they call us Teacher) Then I hear all these little whispers go down the line “Ashley” “Teacha Ashley” “Ash-e-ly” the whole way back to my classroom. The kids love saying my name. All of my classes scream my name after they hear me say it and laugh. I’m hoping it’s not a Chinese swear word or something. The younger kids were so fun. They freaked out when I tried to eat the crayon. We’re supposed to do things wrong sometimes to get them to tell us how to do it right. In one of the classes, one of the little boys was sick. He came and sat right next to me and throughout the whole lesson he would put his little forehead on my arm. I think he had a fever, and I felt so bad for him. I just wanted to hold him and make him feel better, but I had 9 other kids to entertain. The other kids were so cute too. They would all yell, “Teacha, I’m being good.” One day down. 3 months and 29 days to go.


  1. Ha! That's cute! :) Lauren and I looked up on google translate if your name was a swear word. It's not, so you're safe. :)

  2. You're awesome! Keep blogging; I want to hear more. (It's pathetic that this is going to sign me "Sister Lisa Tait" but I'm too busy to figure out how to change it.) Love you!