Sunday, September 25, 2011

S'more Night

It was a glorious day when this package showed up with my name on it. My Chinese friend Wenxin sent me a package with lots of American food. Dayna, my roommate and I were so happy that we were jumping around the room. There was some great stuff in there including marshmallows and cookies and chocolate which was just asking for a party. One of the girls wanted to celebrate the year mark of her missionary so we had a s’more night. Since we were lacking a campfire we made them in the microwave in our laundry room.

What is crazy is that a boy named Louis had never had a s’more before! I guess going to new countries gives you all kinds of new experiences…

This is Louis, Dylan and Kelli

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  1. Looks like a party over there!! :) Those kids are pretty much adorable. :)