Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chinese Children

This is Harris. He is as tall as I am and his greatest joy is to wack all the other children and to put Tommy in headlocks while I’m trying to count all the kid’s tokens. He loves to yell over me while I’m talking and grab art supplies out of the desk when I’m not looking. But I have a little place in my heart for this little guy. Harris knows that his spot is right next to me and he gets upset if one of the other kids gets there before he does. He’ll grab my arm during the lesson and show me his art project and try to tell me something about it. He’s creative and turns anything we’re making into something that looks like an airplane. He loves to fly it around and make explosive noises, and usually hits someone on accident while he does this. I think he just has ADHD or something and has a hard time staying focused. He drinks up any attention I give him and tries really hard to show me that he’s being good. The little girl in the background of this picture is Sherry. I love her little glasses and she is one of my favorites. She is always quiet and really good. I noticed that she always sits by Harris and then the other day I saw them holding hands at the back of the line. It was hilarious and really sweet. She is the smallest girl in the class and he is by far the biggest student. I love elementary relationships.

This is Stella, Sophie, and Angela. I can never remember which one is Stella and which one is Sophie because they’re inseparable. The other day we made little flower pot flowers and they ran over to me after class so their flowers could “sing” me a song and which was “ We love teacha Ashley, we love teacha Ashley.” It melted my heart a little bit. Angela is the one in the background. She wears pigtails every day. She was one of my favorites from the very first day and the other day I realized why. She reminds me of my baby Erin. She smiles like Erin and pouts like Erin and she looks like her—she’s just the Chinese version.

The one in the middle is Max. He is stubborn and gets crazy by the end of the day. The first day he had these sunglasses on with a tiny leather jacket. He is so funny and usually I make him sit on the other side of me. This last week he hasn’t wanted to participate. He keeps rolling his eyes at me. One day when he rolled his eyes at me, I crossed my eyes at him. He didn’t know how to react. It was really funny to watch. He was kind of shocked and then he laughed. But it hasn't stopped him from still rolling his eyes at me.

This is my favorite picture. This is exactly how they are all the time. I love it.

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