Sunday, April 3, 2011

Break the Fast

So I escaped the eyes of the bishopric for the first semester and never had a calling, but that didn't last. So I got the call..break the fast commitee. This is the girl who a few days ago turned on the wrong burner and melted the plastic plate that was on the burner. There may have been butter melted all over the microwave too when I was trying to soften butter and forgot to take it out after a few seconds and it just kept going and going...
I guess cooking for 150 people is a skill I'm going to learn.
The first month my partner wanted to make lasagna which is the one meal that makes me want to throw-up looking at it because that is exactly what it looks like: reguratated pizza. But he was in charge so I went along with it. With the whole ward coming we had to make 14 pans of lasagna. It literally took from 11am to 7 pm one Saturday.

We made two huge canning pots full of sauce which made me feel like a real cook stirring that huge glop of sauce. Everyone said it was really good though and all the pans were scraped clean. I chose to let others have my share. :)

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  1. i am glad we have similar opinions on lasagna. its not a good thing. at all.
    and i'm so proud of you! you're so domesticated!