Sunday, March 20, 2011

Long at Last Temple Trip Part Two

So after our Temple Road marathon road trip we got ready for the next road trip: Vernal. I wanted to kill Lauren when she told me that our appointment was for 10 am! I guess she didn't remember that it was a three hour car ride...I guess it's harder than you think to get appointments at the temple or so she says. But the canyon was beautiful with the leaves changing and the sun creeping out. When we pulled into Vernal and saw the Cafe Rio on the edge of town we knew this trip was worth it.

We had cafe rio for lunch.
Then "fall break" came which really meant I skipped work and class one Friday so I could go to the Shakespeearan Festival in Cedar City with the Shelbys and meet up with my family. It's kind of sad how many times I've been to St. George and still had never been to the temple. I don't know why I didn't fire Lauren from the temple appointment job when we went to Vernal because I found out when I got to St. George that our appointment was for 6 am. We had to wait for our parents so we got a little camera happy.

Fourth Road Trip: Manti. I think our favorite part of this trip was the little restuarant we barged into fifteen minutes before they closed. They let us stay though and our cute little waitress was so funny. She would giggle with everything she did, even it was just putting down a salad or writing down which drink we ordered.

We had some fun with the timer on the camera...

The last two temples we did over Thanksgiving and Christmas Break. It was kind of sad to be done. We had some good car dance parties on those road trips.
Monticello: (it was a long, long car ride and a lot of red rock)

And Salt Lake over Christmas Break