Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Temples. Part One

I've always wanted to go to every Temple in Utah. I mean, I've traveled around the country and even in Europe to see temples and yet I hadn't even made it to all the temples in my own state. So Lauren and Sid and I decided we were going to visit all the temples in Utah by the end of year. We got started a little bit late-- like a week before fall semester started but somehow we were able to do it! It was a great experience, and we had a lot of car driving dance parties....some very interesting dance "moves" are created that way.
We started close with the Draper Temple:

Oquirrh Mountain Temple

Then the Jordan River Temple:

Then we did "our" temple Mount Timpanogous:

We had this man come zooming over to us in a golfcart when we were trying to take pictures here. Apparently we got a little close to the flowers. Whoops.
We went to busiest temple in the world. Provo. It's crazy how many people are there all the time.

Then we went on a road trip which was a really good time. With Sidney's milking the cow dance moves, getting lost mutiple times, and eating a lot of oatmeal it was bound to be a good time. We hit three temples in two days. Luckily we had our cousins Phil and Em to stay with in Logan and our friend Mckell who came with us to the Logan temple. On the way to Logan we stopped at the Ogden temple (which looks just like the Provo Temple).

The the beautiful castle Logan Temple

Bountiful Temple