Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Half Marathon

I ran my first Half-Marathon on Saturday!

Here's us before the race started. It was freezing!
Let's just say my training did not go very in pretty much non-existent. I ran 10 miles the week before though and called it good. The race went better than I thought it would... It helped that most of it was downhill. We were boring and just wore normal running clothes but a lot of people dressed up in funny costumes. Here's a little peek:

Some of my favorites were the fairies next to us with signs that said "I'm fairy slow" and "I'm fairy fast." Then the group next to us were wearing lots of gold stuff with T-shirts that said "I'm just ROMAN around looking for somewhere to run" or something like that. Then during the race there was this girl who kept passing us talking on her cell phone! She kept leaving voicemails for people. There are some crazies!
It was a beautiful day to run!

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