Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall has brought some new changes to my life, roommates being one of the best ones!
Here's a few things that have made me happy.
Hiking Stewart Falls with Mandy on Labor Day. Even with the four year olds passing us.Ant-twilight parties. With yummy pazuki on Edward plates. And sparkly candles that dripped everywhere. Standing around the stove eating Mandy's stir fry creations. Reading poetry every day for a month. Dance parties in our living room with all the lights out and the door open. New journals.Listening to He is We with Lauren. Making cheese cake at midnight. Headband material everywhere. Really. Everywhere. Harry Potter trivia contests with the boys downstairs. Kneaders' Frech toast. Going on Temple Road trips with my sisters. Reading books at work.Getting ready together with the roommates in front of our big mirror. Sunday morning breakfast chats. Nerd fests with Tara winning a prize. Seeing my piano kids every week. Having assignments to write poetry and go to art museums.Learning to play the organ. Wearing new clothes. and new shoes. It's been a long time. Walking to school. The Old Testament.Mountains that wear all the fall colors that aren't here yet. Meeting new people. Running in the mornings with my new purple running shoes. Pecans. Having a living room this year and two whole couches. Dixie chicks and sunglasses.


  1. everything is this post is great. our whole lives are great.

  2. ash. i love you. and kneader's french toast.