Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shakespearean Festival Once Again

We always go to the Shakespearean Festival every year in Cedar City. But this year we brought a whole new crowd. Lauren and Sidney came along and Lora's sister Letisha. It actually wasn't a disaster, like me and Lora said it would be if it wasn't just us.

Cedar City has a new store which we all enjoyed....

We have this tradition every year that we try and find the actors and take pictures of them. Well, one day while we were waiting to get our tickets the STAR of the Shakespeare Festival Bryan Vaughn showed up in the lobby! I had to pretend I was taking a picture of Sidney in the doorway in order to capture this baby. Even though my stalker skills are excellent, this one was a little more obvious than normal. But it was a success even if he did see me take it AND kept running into me the rest of the day which made our relationship very awkward.

But nevertheless, the numbers are high this year of the number of pictures I took of actors (when they weren't looking of course.)
The plays were incredible. I actually read all the Shakespeare plays this year so I could tell who the main character was this year!

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