Saturday, May 15, 2010

St. Paul's Cathedral

I talked Britt into going with me to St. Paul's Cathedral and going to mass. You just have to suggest something and Britt is on board haha which is nice. So we went and took pictures and stood at the wrong times and didn't know what to say when everyone was shaking hands saying "peace be with you" but it was really awesome. Going to mass in St. Paul's was something I really wanted to do before I left London and I'm glad I was able to do it. It's so big and everything echoes and sounds so grand and important. My favorite part of St. Paul's is the dome. It is just as beautiful on the inside as the outside.

I love that there is so much to look at in these huge cathedrals-- you could never get bored in church. We should consider getting some decorations like theirs.....


  1. So, it's been three weeks. You're half way over with london Ash! How does it feel? I know take a deep breath and get movin' on the sight seeing! haha. Anyway, I cleaned your room (Yes, I mean upstairs since that now is your room) It looks so great! :) School's over in 2 weeks and then it's party time! When you come home we are going to have soooooo much fun!! count on it. (No sleepover though. sorry...) We can go tanning every single day. Me, you and Lauren are going to do the temples in utah thing remember :) and then there's always shopping to do....So, Pretty much hurry up in London... haha just kidding.
    P.S. I got on and saw that you had posted 3 new posts! Glad you're keeping up on blogging. Too bad I'm not as good....

  2. Well Sid this is for you too.. I want to jump on the band wagon and party with you guys too! i need a good tan! ha ha And you guys all need to come and stay with phil and i we have plenty of room! i need some girl time and i want to spend it with you guys! anyways ash my love! i am so glad you were able to go to the temple! its so trye every temple that you visit all have a similar feeling. its so comforting when you have nothing else. or when you feel alone! i find myself going there often which is wonderful. it feels like home! anyways you went to mass huh! super awesome! i am very impressed! i find that very cool. Phil would be impressed. i think he would like to hear all about you adventures there. so i just readd your blog and i get super jealous! you are having so much fun! so guess what i have been reading a lot this summer, which is so good for me and i just need to tell you thank you for inspiring me! I am going to read the harry potter books! yes you heard me right.. i am going to read harry potter! you have inspired me! i am getting them this weekend from phils house! i am super exctied and if you can think of any other books for me to read i would like to know! its my new passion and now that i have time to do it i am loving it! thanks for all you do for me! Glad to see you happy and having fun! love ya chica! keep in touch!

    Love EM