Sunday, May 23, 2010

Soccer players at Stonehenge

One great thing about being in a big city is they have bus tours for everything. There was a bunch of people in our program who went on a Bath and Stonehenge day tour while I was in Sussex and said it was awesome, so we there was about 10 of us who decided to go too.

I was too exhausted to stay awake on the way to Stonehenge so I didn't see much of the surrounding countryside, but when I did wake up it was a very pleasant surprise.
There were these field blooming with yellow poppy things everywhere.

It was dang cold up there though. Luckily the other girls had warned us so I was prepared. I will even admit that I wore tights under my pants-- which was the best idea ever.
I rememember hearing about Stonehenge for the first time my sophomore year in Ms. Yaussi's class ( that might be embarrassing to admit :) But I remember thinking how cool it would be to go there.

It was actually very quiet and peaceful there even though there was a bunch of tourists. I saw a lady sitting on a bench sketching Stonehenge, crazy Americans trying to fit Stonehenge between their fingers or in their mouths with their cameras (yeah that was us haha) and my favorite was this dad playing soccer with his two sons. I guess you have to keep them entertained somehow.

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