Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Harry Potter

If I went home tomorrow all would be well because I have finally made it to the one spot I had to go to before I left London (ok really I have a list of about 100 spots to go to but I'm getting there) I went to the real King's Cross Station and tried running through the wall at Platform 9 3/4. It's a very hard wall.

So we found the station and we were just so excited that we started snapping pictures in every direction, and then this guard walks past and says "Harry Potter is over there." and points further down. We realized that no one had asked him where Platform 9 3/4 was, he just assumed we were avid Harry Potter fans for some reason and tried to help us along.

My friend Lindsey came to London with UVU Study Abroad and so we were able to meet up and go sight seeing together, which was really fun. We went to all the Harry Potter movies opening day together and the parties at Barnes and Noble when the books came King's Cross Station together was so exciting!

Ok I know I'm a book nerd, but I had to go to the Sherlock Holmes's Musuem too. Did you know that the museum really is at 221 b Baker Street? London is awesome. The museum is this old house with all these rooms set up as Sherlock or Watson's study or bedroom or bathroom. The floor boards creak and you feel like you're going to fall through the floor but its cute.

The guard stood in the doorway and posed in everyone's pictures as they came in! I don't think he ever cracked a smile.
I'm ashamed to admit this because it goes against everything that I believe-- but I have never read a Sherlock Holme's book. I've only seen the movie, but I have been inspired to read them. I had no idea why there was single bloody finger in one of the cases or grey shriveled up ears.

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  1. Platform 9 3/4? SO cool. :) Braden pointed out that it isn't September 1st, so it's no surprise that you couldn't get onto the platform! The Sherlock Holme museum looked pretty cool, too... I should read those books!