Thursday, May 13, 2010

Monk's House

After our adventures at the hostel, we packed up our backpacks and headed toward Rodmell to see Monk's House which was the point to our adventures. We decided that if we were going to the country we were going to walk out in the country (and pretend we were Jane Austen characters.) Well Katie and I pretended we were Jane Austen characters and Britt (who is a political science major) just rolled her eyes and told us that these were not real people. We still felt like Willoughby might pop out at any given moment.

It was so nice to be out of the city and seeing farm animals and having to move off the road if any car came. We made it into Rodmell with lots of time and very hungry. We stopped at the first little pub we came to. It was so cute. They had a fire going in the grate with these big, fat armchairs around it and two dogs wandering around. Here's me and Katie looking very awake in the pub:

Rodmell was very wet,cold, and rainy but perfect if you were looking for old country lanes to walk down. We had time to kill before Monk's house opened so we wandered around Virginia's neighborhood. I was so cold though that I thought about putting socks on my hands to keep them from falling off!

This is someone's real house!

I really can't understand why Virginia Woolf didn't like the country. It is so beautiful and her house was so simple and peaceful.

My favorite room was her bedroom because she had two full walls of books right and two big open windows right over her bed. They wouldn't let us take pictures but I snapped this picture of a sitting room before I they said that haha

She also had this writing shed in the backyard which was my other favorite place. I'm almost done with Mrs. Dalloway-- I had started reading it before we came which I am really glad I did. Katie almost did her thesis on Virginia Woolf so she knew everything about her which was really fun. I have more reading to do that's for sure!


  1. Looks like so much fun! I want to live in a little cottage like those ones, they look so cute! Your friends sound like good times! Looks like you are doing wonderful! I miss you like crazy ash but i am glad that you are having a blast!

    Love, EM

  2. Ooooh... English countryside! This is almost too painful to look at, I want to be there so badly! :)