Saturday, May 15, 2010

London Temple

One thing that is awesome about BYU is that they planned a temple trip into our schedule (if we wanted to go. The London Temple is about an hour and a half away from our flats so we rented a "coach" aka bus and left at 7:30 am ouch. It's funny how temples seem familiar even when you have never been there before. I remember feeling that way last year as I went on the church history tour and stopped at most of the temples from Utah to Vermont.

There were some exciting adventures inside the temple. We did baptisms first which meant that afterward we had to change back into temple clothes so we could do confirmations. So after you were finished with baptisms you went into this closet thing and put on this "shield." It was like a giant dress/ towel and felt very open! So we all had to put one of these on and then walk out past the font (and in front of our teachers ahh) to get to the closest for a new outfit. I thought that was bad until I came home that night and my roommate told me this story! She was the last one to do baptisms so she goes into the closet room and our theater teacher didn't know what the room was and opened the door on her while she was in there naked! She said she grabbed the door before he could really see her, but it was super awkward. I couldn't help tellling the story to a few others and we almost died laughing!

I ate at the temple cafeteria for the first time and it was pretty good. There's a rumor that the cook used to work in a 5 star restuarant.

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