Sunday, May 9, 2010

A little more site seeing

Buckingham Palace is huge and beautiful. I really can't imagine how you could ever use a house that big! We got there thirty minutes before the changing of the guard started and there was people everywhere. From May through August they do the changing of the guards every day. For things like this it really sucks to be short. I couldn't see anything whatsoever once it had started but then this cute British grandpa let me step in front of him (he said it didn't change his view at all haha) so then I could actually see the guards, which was nice.

The guards are fidgety which surprised me. I think AF marching band stands still way longer than the Buckingham Palace Guards. There was this one guy who kept talking to the guy next to him, or he would shake his big hat thing, or he would bend over to fix his instrument. He was my favorite guard. And I saw a girl as a guard! I thought the first requirement to being a guard was that you were male but I guess not.

I also tried this weird thing called a Fallafall (okay I have no idea how to spell it and blogger has no options either). Fallafall is like these chick pea cake things that they put inside a pita tortilla with salad and my new favorite thing: humus. Its actually really good and only 3.50 pounds.

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  1. Ashley all i can say is you be careful out there little one! i worry about you. Grandma told me about you! you better be safe! i hope life is going well for you! looks like you are having a blast! i so want to go to london and you are coming with me! So i think you are inspiring me to read harry potter! and i have already read on book this summer. it was over three hundred pages! you proud of me! You better be. I want to read so much this summer! well i love you! and have a blast out there! Love you girl!