Friday, May 28, 2010

Keats House

I've been bugging people this whole trip about going to Keats House. The days are starting to get numbered so I finally planned a day and said we are going and so we went and it was an adventure!
We had to take the tube and then the bus and then walk because but we made it. Our teacher told us about this little house called the Kenwood House to stop by at first. It had an original Vermeer Painting: The Guitar Player which was awesome to see.

It was a bunch of old ladies and us walking around which was a good time. Look at this 18th century library. One day I'll have one of these in my house.

We finally got to the Keats House after walking through the cutest little town.

This is the home where John Keats wrote his greatest poetry and fell in love with Fanny Braune. I have to watch the movie Bright Star again (I've only seen it twice)when I get home now that I've seen the house. I asked if they filmed any of the movie there but they didn't. But they came to look at the house for ideas. The real house is a lot smaller than in the movie.
This is John Keats' bedroom:

There was this cute lady who was a volunteer at the house and she told us all about the house and John Keats. When I went upstairs to see his bedroom she came up a few mintues later. She said she hadn't been in it yet that day so she needed to come up haha. I love these people who volunteer at these houses because they love it and want other people to love it. She was carrying this book around about John Keats too.

So a funny thing happened on our way back. We wanted to walk through the heath back to the bus stop so we just started walking through this forest thing and hoped we would find our way back. We just went down any lane that looked pretty. We sat inside this big hollow tree. Just wandered around. So then we're coming up this path which ends on a road and when we get to the top we realized that it was exactly where we had gotten off the bus before. We had somehow ended up exactly where the bus stop was. It was really bizarre.

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  1. Ash, We now need to watch Bright Star together. I still haven't watched it so now I really do!