Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jane's House-- Chawton

We finally had a completely free day to do whatever we wanted so I went to Chawton with a some fellow English Majors who almost love Jane Austen as much as me. We had to go by train since Chawton is outside London and besides losing my ticket at the very moment that the train attendant was asking to see them, we got there without any problems. (My ticket ended up being exactly where I put it.)
The train dropped us off in Alton and then we had to walk about a mile through this cute little town into the Chawton village. We were all running around excited and running around taking pictures when we finally came to the house.

The house was really quiet--it was basically us and the volunteers. They laughed at how excited we were. My friend Rachel and I were having a "friendly" argument over where Lizzy meets up with Lydia and Kitty on her way home from Kent in Pride and Prejudice. I said it was Brompton but Rachel said it was Bromley. She said on the way home from our country walk in Kent (which is where the Collins lived) we stopped at Bromley and she took a picture there. Well, we decided we would ask the volunteers at the house so we did. They didn't know so they pulled out all these books like Jane Austen for dummies....It was quite the scavenger hunt. In one edition the names of the cities were blotted out with hyphens but finally in another edition (they were really determined volunteers) they found the city. It was Bromley. Rachel said it would have ruined her whole day if she was wrong so it was probably good she was right. Mostly everything in the house belonged to the Austen family. This was my very favorite thing. Jane Austen's writing table.

Here's her bedroom which she shared with her sister Cassandra:

And the closet without shelves. (Shelves in a closet? Happy thought indeed)

There was a cute little tea shop across the street.

This is Breanna, Rachel, and Katie

We sat down and then found out they had stopped serving lunch 5 minutes before. So we actually didn't eat there, but it was fun going in.

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