Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Wizarding Independence Day

Since today is Wizarding Independence Day (the day Harry defeats Voldemort) I decided to post some Harry Potter finds London has to offer:
There is me entering the Ministry of Magic:

London's House of Gryffindor:

Millenium Bridge from the Sixth Movie: ( I saw this from the Globe and had no idea it was so close. Very exciting moment!)

I'm sure there will be more to come such as King's Cross Station.....

So yesterday I truly experienced the real English fish and ships from a little stand at Borough's Market. We got cod fish because we had never heard of the other type of fish haha It was pretty good, I actually ate the fish and didn't throw up.

We went on a little Shakespeare Walk yesterday before we saw our first play Macbeth. I saw some awesome things like the London Bridge ( which did you know the original is in Arizona? So weird)

Chaucer's House (which I thought you would like mom)

I took this picture for Lauren at George's Inn which was in Charles Dickin's book "Little Dorrit."

And last (for the blog at least) we went to the orginal site of the Globe. It's mostly a sign on cobblestone behind a fence haha

Then after our walk we went and saw Macbeth in The Globe that they just recently rebuilt. It does look a lot like the one in Cedar City so it felt very familiar. Our whole group were "groundlings" which mean we had to stand the whole 3 hours in the space just below the stage. But I was in the play! Kind of. So when the director saw the levels of the globe where the audience sits she was reminded of Dante's levels of hell. So they draped this black material thing out from the stage with little holes for peoples' heads. We got there early enough that our whole group got to put our heads through these things and be in the lowest level of hell. Very exciting :)
The director got the idea from the picture that shows all these bodies stuck up to their necks in ice and that is their living hell.

This play was awesome. They had so many cool special effects. Like the bagpipe players who would stand in the audience and play throughout the whole play.

It was really bloody though. The curtains were splattered with blood and I was glad I couldn't see sometimes (it's hard being a short groundling) because they acted out every death including the other King at the very beginning of the play with a lot of detail. Before the play started the weird sisters crept around under the black tarp thing we were standing in which was super creepy. They would just pop up randomly. And then there were these bloody dead people who would just pop up out of the tarp thing too and wail and moan.

They definitely know how to set the mood for a bloody tragedy in The Globe. It sprinkled rain throughout the whole performance but then at the end it just started pouring and hailing. One of the character's lines was "Hail, Hail, Hail," and the whole audience started laughing. It was a little bit miserable and cold but I guess I'm used to it always raining in Shakespeare plays from the Cedar City Shakespeare Festival. It rains every time so we always get the covered balcony seats.


  1. Hey ash, It looks way fun!! I'm still way jealous! Just one thing. on "fish and ships" I'm sorry to say, but it is "fish and CHIPS" just clearing that up. me and mom had a little chuckle. :)

  2. What amazing experiences!!! My mom really wants to know how you got those pictures while you were being a groundling... That whole thing gave us quite a laugh! But really- I can't believe you got to see Macbeth in the Globe! And fish and chips are terribly good... And I LOVE the Harry Potter pictures! I can't believe you got to see that bridge! And those kiosks are so cool.... :) Ok, I can't believe this all counts as college credit. No fair! :)