Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"For the eye has this strange property: it rests only on beauty"-- Virginia Woolf

So the newest London adventure from last night. I saw Les Miserables on the London Stage! I think I've wanted to see it in London since we went and saw Lone Peak do Les Miserable for young womens and I listened to the soundtrack for a month straight after that. I still know every word to every song!

It was honestly everything I hoped it would be. They had a turning table for the stage which was really cool. They would move it so you could see one side of it lit up and then they would spin it and a new scene would appear all ready to go. It took a lot of self control to not sing along.

I went grocery shopping which was an epic event because I had no cereal left...cereal here is pretty cheap! We saw these funny bins of fruit with British Flags. They are a little bit weird over here. This wasn't just my food either...

Today I went to FIVE museums!Wow there are a lot of painters in this world. At the National Gallery there were a couple big name paintings there. They had Van Gogh's Sunflower. Monet's Water Lily Pond, Picasso, two Renoirs ( the umbrella picture is really cool. They had all these "primary" schools make a project based off that painting and then had a gallery of that --which was probably my favorite haha. I need to take an art history class because I have no idea what I'm seeing to be honest.) The kids wove these umbrellas out of all these colors and they also made this willow figure woman with an umbrella. I was really impressed.
We also went to the National Portrait Museum and I found a little statue head of Virgina Woolf ( I'm not obsessed with her I don't think, but I'm going to her house in Sussex this Saturday and can't wait) There was also paintings of tons of writers which I was really excited about like: John Keats, Blake, Coleridge, Byron, Percy Shelley, Mary Wolstencraft Shelley, Mary Wolstencraft ( I have no idea how to spell that name) to mention a few. I would post pictures but photography is not allowed. That definitely doesn't stop Britt. She just has this really good innocent, I've never heard of no photography rules before face, which she uses on every security guard haha. I obey the rules though :)

P.S. I really got my hopes up tonight when I saw this sign.

It was a coffee shop.


  1. Ash, I got the Cafe Rio recipes! (Even the chicken) So, when you come home during the summer then we can pig out on homemade Cafe Rio!! Doesn't it sound like so much fun! I thought so. (By the way it takes 18 hours to cook the pork so we kind of have to do it in the summer..) Also, I love your coat :) I would just like to say I wore your coat today. haha Now when I go places I can offically say that coat has see Les Meserables which is a step closer to me seeing it! Just sayin... :)

  2. Well... Sid! I think you need to send me those recipes! I need them! Ash, i am sorry that you got your hopes up! So you are pretty much having the time of your life and we are going to have to go together! I love you ash! continue to have fun!

    Love EM

  3. Whoa, sensory overload! Les Miserables, an impostor of Cafe Rio, famous paintings, AND cheap cereal? Where has London been all my life? Just a couple thousand dollars and a passport away, I guess....

  4. London is supposed to be the land of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. Who would have thought they have grocery stores that look like the ones we have here at home? (This is posted by Mom, by the way. I am too computer illiterate to know how to set up my own profile.)