Sunday, May 23, 2010


I should have planned a little bit better when it came to getting ready for our travel weekend. I went to bed at 1:30 am Tuesday night and got up at 4:30 am to catch our flight. Bad idea. I booked us a cab to our bus stop because the tube station wasn't even open that early! The cab driver started calling our room at 4:50 saying he was out front. I think he left 4 messages and called 6 times. The thing is, he wasn't supposed to be there until 5 am. It was a great start haha We had everything go wrong that could have gone wrong as far as figuring out how to get us all to the airport. Britt and I bought bus tickets to the airport but then when the other girls went to buy theirs, the bus was full. So we had to get them on another bus and find a station that was close to the same bus stop as ours ect. ect. Then their bus was canceled so another one came twenty minutes late...It was adventure. Here's Britt and I waiting for the bus. We were trying to keep ourselves awake.

Here's our bus. We finally understood how it got full so fast.

When we finally all got into Dublin, we were all so happy that we all had made it that Dublin seemed the best place in the world. And getting another stamp in the passport was really exciting. Please do not look at my hair in the following pictures. Please.
We went to Trinity College first and someone stopped us and asked us if we were students there. We were very flattered.
Then we took a "writer's walk" and got lost more times than I can count, but the streets are just fun to be on. We found the corner where Oscar Wilde's wife stood him on their very first date.

Here's us with Oscar.

For lunch we had a picnic outside of a locked park haha. And then 5 minutes later we found a public park. I love Irish people! Their accents aren't too hard to understand and EVERYONE there tries to help. We were standing at a corner deciding which way to go when the old woman on a bike just starts asking us where we were trying to go. (Dublin Castle) She told us to go to the little library that was next to the gardens which had this photography exhibit that was one of my favorite parts of Dublin. Dublin Castle is beautiful.

Then when we were walking along the sidewalk (looking like lost tourists again) this cab driver who was stopped at a red light rolled down his window and gave us directions to the Irish Famine Memorial. Shamae jumped in the memorial too.

No one gave us the "Stop bugging me. You are a stupid American Tourist" look the whole day. It was really nice.
For dinner, we got to eat in a real Irish pub! We were exhausted( we had carried our backpacks with everything in them the whole day too) so it was pretty early so we didn't see anything scandalous. Everyone stared at us when we walked in though, but we've eaten in pubs before so we already knew that you had to find your own table and that you ordered at the bar. We kept getting excited that we were eating in an Irish Pub in Ireland. They had good water haha

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  1. Sounds like the longest day ever! I can't believe you managed to make it to Dublin after all that excitement. :) Stonehenge looks amazing! By the way, Ms. Shelley is coming to Ireland on Saturday!