Sunday, May 16, 2010

A book to read before going or while in London

Someone told me the best secret last Sunday that I have ever heard. There are bookcases on every floor of our flat and we can sift through them and take any book that we want! So last Sunday night I went scavenging and I found so many treasures-- We'll see how many I can pack home!

This is one of the gems:

I heard about this book when I was home and had planned on reading it eventually so I grabbed it when I saw it and started reading it last Sunday. I think I loved it so much because the main character, Juliet, is living in London and she kept mentioning places I have been or have heard about and I kept getting so excited. The voice of the story is so fun and witty too. It's just a fun book with lots of interesting characters. I have been reading so much Shakespeare and modern plays (which I am finding is NOT my cup of tea) that I needed something easy and fun. This was it.
It's the story of a young writer living in London just after World War II ended. She has just published her first successful novel and has been asked to write an after-war article in a newspaper. While searching for a topic, she gets a letter from a man who had bought one of her old books from a used bookshop and found her name inside. Through this correspondence she finds out about this secret book club that met during World War II in Guernsey (an island off the English Channel) while the Germans occupied their island. The entire book is written in letters which means you hear the voices of all the characters. It is really hilarious sometimes and very sad at other times, but an awesome way to spend a rainy, Sunday afternoon in London.


  1. oh man I've wanted to read this book for awhile!! Hey! You've got yourself my next birthday present. Or you can just buy me it... one or the other :)

  2. Oooh! My mom read that one... I need to steal it from her and read it. :)