Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beautiful Sussex

I have been a blogging slacker this week. Sorry! It might have something to do with me getting a cold and having to blow my nose two hundred times when looking down at my lab top haha too much information...

Sussex is a beautiful place.

Our train dropped us off in this little city called Lewes (pronounced Lewis)which was 5 miles away from our hostel. We were having an adventure so we didn't really look up anything to do, we just decided we would go and see what happens. Lewis a really cute town with lots of little mom and pop stores and tiny cobblestone streets.

We found out Lewes has a castle. A train and a castle in one day? It was an old medieval castle, exactly like the ones you see in movies. Well if you watch Monty Python at least... Grey stone, lots of stairs, an entrance fee

But the best part of the castle was the big box of dress up we found. (If you think we are too old for dress ups then you would have laughed when we walked in and these people who were in their 40's or 50's were all dressed up taking pictures).

We really loved Lewes, but after that it was time for our hostel adventure. We took a cab because it was out in the middle of nowhere-- in a tiny little town called Telescome. None of us had stayed in a hostel before so had no idea what to expect. But this is what we found.

It was the cutest little cottage and the ladies who were in charge were volunteers and had no idea what they were doing and we didn't either haha. They invited us to have some "scunes" they had made..aka biscuits ( but if you say biscuit they think you mean cookie. It can get really confusing over here) There were these 4 British guys outside eating "scunes" when we went out and I don't think any of us have laughed harder than when talking with them. They were all in their mid thirties (no worries-- there's a no dating rule on study abroad) and they were cycling around the country that weekend ( and going from pub to pub it sounded like). They were really confused with why we didn't drink or smoke. They told us we should go to Brighton which was close by but Katie told them we would have to get permission from our directors if we wanted to go there. "Do you want us to have a go with them?" one of the guys asked. We decided that probably wouldn't be the best idea haha
The hostel was one of our favorite parts of the whole adventure I think and it did have good scunes.


  1. Ash, Katie Young was my english teacher, lol!

  2. That. Is. Gorgeous. Mom and pop stores? Cobblestone streets? MORE English countryside? It's like my own personal heaven! :)

  3. Tara no way haha! I'll have to tell her! Mckell it is so beautiful here you will love it WHEN you come!