Sunday, May 23, 2010


Driving into Bath, I felt like I walked onto the set of Northanger Abbey. All the buildings are Georgian style and the roads are tiny. The bus had to keep stopping so the cars in the other lane could go around us.

We passed the apartments that Johnny Depp and Nicholas Cage live in. Apparently Nicholas Cage loves Bath.

We stopped first at the Roman Baths. They said we should NOT touch the water it's super dirty.. they didn't mention it looked like green slime. A girl in our group still put her hand in the water. No idea why.

We saw a real Roman Goddess though. She just walked out and sat gazing into the water. How she got her hair that high, I have no idea.

We love audio tours.
This girl named Rachel loves Jane Austen almost as much as me and so she said we HAD to go to the pump room. She said she had been waiting her whole life to drink the spring waters of Bath. THEN when we get into the pump room Rachel tells me this is the room where most of the Jane Austen movies that take place in Bath are filmed! Whoa. Does it look familiar? I thought it did. Here's us being healed by Bath Spring Water. I don't think I've tasted grosser water in my life.

We had a few hours to wander the streets so of course we swung by the Jane Austen Centre. We didn't go in though because it's expensive and there isn't any of Jane's stuff in there, it's just time period stuff. However, the man dressed as a grandfather version of Mr. Darcy out front was hilarious. Then he brought up Charles Dickens so I'm not sure he knew which book he was supposed to be from haha. This is me and Jane together.

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  1. Bath?? ohmygosh! After doing my research paper on Northanger Abbey.... :) That water really did look disgusting. But that Mr. Darcy/Charles Dickens guy is the cutest old man ever! :)